KACO International Training - Successful Day!

KACO International Training - Successful Day!

11 / 1 / 2016

KACO new energy training held in Cairo is the first of its kind for a multinational PV inverters manufacturer to give a one day training for their customers in Egypt.

The event was organised by ENERSYSCOM in collaboration with Solar Energy Development Association SEDA and under the patronage of the National Renewable Energy Association NREA. Enersyscom ceo, Mohamed Fahmy extended his welcom speech to the guests and launching the event was given to Khaled Gasser , SEDA ceo.

Distinguishable attendee from the EPC companies and NREA technical team were present , the Senior KACO products trainer Helmout Soldan discussed the following topics in the later hours:

-Introduction to the On grid inverters technology.

-Difference between the String inverters and Central inverters : categories and when to use.

-KACO new energy Products Overview.

The event aimed to introduce the latest German technologies of KACO in the solar string and central inverters to the epc companies in order to increase the awareness of the of the significant need for the renewable energy for more pure environment and to add the quality factor to these sustainable projects.

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