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CCI-Egypt 6th Speed ​​Networking EventAlbumsCCI-Egy

On Wednesday, 19 December 2018, the Italian Chamber of Commerce - Egypt (CCI-Egypt) organized the sixth session of...read more

Enersyscom is ready for cleaning your PV parks

On 29th Nov 2017 Energy Systems Components (Enersyscom),is officially authorized to represent metalmeccanica S.R.L solar cleaner machines in...read more

Enersyscom As Huawei's partner

Energy Systems Components (Enersyscom), is officially authorized to offer and distribute Huawei PV solutions and inverters, Hence we...read more

Enersyscom supplies and supports Meteocontrol for m

On 9th Oct 2017 Energy Systems Components (Enersyscom), is officially auhorized to supply and deliver the technical support...read more

500KW Grid tied - Sharm El Sheikh

Enersyscom congratulates Eng. Ahmed Mousa "GFC Co." for his company's success in installing their latest project at Sharm...read more

Summer visit - Meteocontrol

Enersyscom team members Mr. Mohamed Fahmy, CEO and Mr. Mohamed Galal the technical service team leader with Mr....read more

Summer visit to Partners - Kaco

Our Ceo Mr. Mohamed Fahmy and Mr. Mohamed Galal the technical service team leader at KACO new energy's...read more

Enersyscom training trip to KACO new energy's fac

During Enersyscom visit to KACO new energy's factory in Neckarsulm, Germany to update the servicing techniques for the...read more

Munich- Intersolar Europe 2017 / NEWMAX

Munich- Intersolar Europe 2017 Mr. David Suh - Director of Corporate Strategy Division of Newmax with Mr. Mohamed...read more

Munich- Intersolar Eurp 2017 / INGETEAM

Munich- Intersolar Eurp 2017 Our partners Mr. Mauro Rivola - Sales Export Manager of Ingeteam with Mr. Mohamed...read more

Munich- Intersolar Europe 2017 / KACO

Munich- Intersolar Europe 2017 Mr. Ralf Hofmann - CEO of KACO New Energy with Mr. Mohamed Galal- our...read more

Enersyscom - TBEA

Enersyscom received a valuable visit from TBEA delegation in Cairo office to discuss the possible opportunities to cooperate...read more

STEM workshop

On 14-3-2017 Enersyscom received a valuable visit from Al Gharbia STEM school , the workshop introduced the different...read more

Enersyscom footprints - ARECO

The MASTER of all Inverters, the BluePlanet 50.0 XL is installed at Gamasa , Egypt with total output...read more

Voltronic Service Training

Enersyscom team joined a service training for one of the first tier OEM factories - Voltronic receives a...read more

Volpower - beyond the limits

After months of surveying the local market needs from the offgrid projects , Enersyscom introduces "Volpower" family as...read more

Ingeteam Service Training

During the PV business and service partner training of Ingeteam - Italy , and our participation represented in...read more

Intersolar Munich 2016 - Fronius GmbH

The Intersolar trade fair took place in Munich, Germany, between June 22nd and 24th. The Fronius stand, with...read more

The Third Annual Energy Conference

ENERSYSCOM and KACO new energy as sponsors to The Third Annual Energy Conference invites you to attend the...read more

Go Green Expo Conference

Mr. Mohamed Fahmy CEO & Cofounder of Energy Systems Components (Enersyscom) during his speech at the 2 nd...read more

WFES 2016

The World Future Energy Summit (WFES) is world’s most influential event dedicated to advancing future energy, energy efficiency...read more

KACO International Training - Successful Day!

11 / 1 / 2016 KACO new energy training held in Cairo is the first of its kind...read more

KACO International product Training

We coridally invite you to attend the International Kaco Products Training that will be held on January 11,...read more

Ingeteam -Solartec 2015

Enersyscom signed a commercial agreement with INGETEAM S.R.L during their participation in Cairo Solar tec 2015 . The...read more

Cairo Energy 2015

Enersyscom participates as sponsor for Cairo Energy the second international conference and exhibition for energy, oil and Gas...read more

Enersyscom - Kaco Service Partner

Made in Germany The term "Made in Germany" has been around as a seal of quality since the...read more

Newmax Deep Cycle Gel Batteries

Daejin Battery Co. Ltd.,has over 20 years experience and endless R&D investment in the lead acid batteries industry....read more



Energy Systems Components (Enersyscom) is one of promising distributing companies in Egypt. Since 1992 we started in importing & exporting textile machinery under the name of Fahmy Co. Import & export.

In the second half of 2013, and after studying the needs of the Egyptian market and the global trend To use renewable energy resources, we established Enersyscom joint stock Egyptian SAE Co. to distribute renewable energy systems components.

Our main aim is following up the leading manufacturers of these components, choosing the best products and providing them immediately in our warehouse.

Future belongs to renewable, and Egypt is one of the leading countries in renewable energy resources, where the most known is the solar energy due to its geographical position.

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What is solar technology?

Solar energy technologies use the sun's energy and light to provide heat, light, hot water, electricity, and even cooling, for homes, businesses, and industry.

Solar cells convert sunlight directly into electricity. Solar cells are often used to power calculators and watches. They are made of semiconducting materials similar to those used in computer chips. When sunlight is absorbed by these materials, the solar energy knocks electrons loose from their atoms, allowing the electrons to flow through the material to produce electricity. This process of converting light (photons) to electricity (voltage) is called the... read more

Deep Cycle Batteries

A deep-cycle battery is a lead-acid battery designed to be regularly deeply discharged using most of its capacity. Used in renewable energy systems, they are different from car batteries and that difference is critical.

RE systems by nature are cyclical: energy is captured and stored, then later consumed, in a (usually) regular. For example, in a battery-based solar electric system, the energy produced daily by the solar panels is stored in the battery bank, which is then used by loads at night or on not-so-sunny days. This repetitive process subjects the batteries to a slow, daily charge and discharge pattern. ... read more



Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumps are used throughout the world for a number of innovative applications.

If you are in a remote area and the cost of running traditional water piping is cost prohibitive, a solar water pump may be the right solution for your water supply needs. ... read more

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