Enersyscom is ready for cleaning your PV parks

Enersyscom is ready for cleaning your PV parks

On 29th Nov 2017

Energy Systems Components (Enersyscom),is officially authorized to represent metalmeccanica S.R.L solar cleaner machines in Egypt.

Based on the fact that Egypt and north Africa considered to having one of the highest soiling and dust accumulation rates, the efficiency of the whole plant would decrease dramatically causing severe loss in the generated power, and could reach up to 30% in average & 40% in some cases which results prolonged money-back period.

With references in Jordan, Chili, Brazil we offer you the distinguished specs for BP Metalmeccanica's machines:

Different versions: F1750-T, F3500 C-AP and C4000 C-AP.

Suitable for desert and dusty conditions.

Dry or wet panel cleaning systems.

Pressure sensors on brush to protect panels.

Bi direction cleaning forward and back word.

Cover wide range of table width from 1.75 m to 6 m.

Camera on rear and front to guarantee clear vision of smooth operation.

Cover in average 500 KW per hour.

It does matter, because every watt saves equals money gained.