Made in Germany

The term "Made in Germany" has been around as a seal of quality since the end of the 19th century. With a company history of 100 years, during which time the KACO group of companies has always met the highest quality standards, it is a foregone conclusion that, using our products, we will turn your investment in a solar power plant into a success story.

The pinnacle of technology

We develop solar PV inverters in the power class of up to 100 kilowatts at two locations in Germany: at the headquarters in Neckarsulm and also in Kassel. The production for the European market takes place exclusively in Neckarsulm. In that way, not only value and jobs are created in the region; the good qualification of the workers is also an important precondition for high-quality products.

Made in Germany – the world over

In order to stay close to the overseas markets of the future, we now also manufacture in the USA, Canada and South Korea. Even there, let it be said, in our own production sites. We have equipped these according to our German model and only employ our own workers. Moreover, in South Korea a research and development team also works in close cooperation with the headquarters on the continued development of solar PV inverters in the power class of 100 kilowatts and beyond.

Quality with method

Of course, all of our overseas production sites are integrated into our comprehensive quality management system. We are regularly certified to ISO 9001 and have introduced a continuous improvement process. This ensures that experience from the field and from service, as well as from research and development, continuously flow back into product manufacturing.