Newmax Deep Cycle Gel Batteries

Newmax Deep Cycle Gel Batteries

Daejin Battery Co. Ltd.,has over 20 years experience and endless R&D investment in the lead acid batteries industry.

Models including 2,6,8 and 12V, and the rated capacities from 7.2 AH to 2000AH of AGM and Gel batteries.

The newmax batteries has distinct characteristics over other branded batteries where,the battery system is designed for recombination of gas and to eliminate the emission of gases on overcharge,room ventilation requirements are reduced and no acid fume is emitted during normal operation which makes it perfect for environment friendly projects and even for domestic applications:

- Free of maintenance.

- Leak free.

- Low self discharge-rate: use of extra pure lead (99.99% purity) and purified electrolyte minimizes the self -discharge rate.

- Wide temperature range: can withstand ambient temp from -20 C to 50 C.


Renewable energy storage applications,Telecommunication,UPS,Mobility Deep Cycle,Golf cars and electric vehicles, and industrial forklift.